Version 3.2.2 is out

A few months ago I released version 3.2.1 of Duplicate Post stating that it would be the final version of the 3.* branch: development of the version 4.0 is going a bit slower than expected so I decided to release version 3.2.2 to address a few issues.

First of all, the setting for displaying the Copy to a new draft link in the Admin bar now has effect also in the post edit screen. The main reason for this change is that Gutenberg, the new editor which will be the default one in version 5.0 and which is currently available as a plugin, changes a lot of the user interface of the edit screen and hides the oldest way to copy posts and pages: the link above Move to trash, near the Publish/Update button. Development of the Gutenberg API is still underway, so I opted for using the Admin bar, which is out of the scope of Gutenberg, to host the link and make sure you can copy the post you’re editing to a new draft even when you have Gutenberg enabled, regardless of how it will evolve in the near future. I’m following its changes so I can find a more smooth integration (for example, making the notices work) as soon as its API is more stable.

The second, small change is that the Slug option is now disabled by default on new installations. Version 3.2.1 fixed its faulty behaviour but it was poorly reported in the docs and in the forum (shame on me), so plenty of users have incurred in the problem of seeing the original slug copied and already assigned to the post even when they are copying to a draft, so that publishing it doesn’t force the regeneration of the slug from the new title. This won’t happen on new installations anymore unless you explicitly enable the option.

The third and smallest change is a fix for the icon appearance in the Admin bar for small screens.

I hope I will be able to resume work on the next major release soon: it will bring big changes, following many of the newest directions taken by WordPress in the last few years, but keeping the plugin easy to use and powerful at the same time, as many people are telling me in reviews and e-mails.