What’s new in version 3.2.4

Last July I released version 3.2.3 of Duplicate Post, expressing hopes it would be the last one of the 3.* branch and that soon a version 4.0 would see the light.

I’ve worked a lot on the new branch, exploring a number of new possibilities. The four WordCamps I attended this fall (Catania, Verona, Dublin — as a speaker! — and Milano) added some great insights and ideas which need time to be absorbed.

So I’ve decided to put out a new minor version with a couple of things I couldn’t wait to add.


I’ve followed a few talks about accessibility and I’ve seen how little improvements can really make a difference for many people, and potentially for everyone.

So I’ve worked to fix the user interface of Duplicate Post, mainly the Settings screen (labels, tab navigation with keyboard, etc.) but also the various links added around by my plugin.
I can’t say I have reached full accessibility but I’m confident it was a huge step forward. If you think there’s something else to do in this regard, please write me!

Show original

This is something that can be useful, I think, to the lots of people that use Duplicate Post to clone not just one or two posts every now and then, but massive amounts of posts, or whole trees of pages.

Visiting the Settings page, in the third tab called “Display”, you will find a new section about showing the original item. You can show the original post or page:

  • in a metabox while you edit the copy. You’ll also find a checkbox to delete the association with the original (by deleting the _dp_original custom field). It’s working only with the Classic Editor, it will be ported to Gutenberg in a future release;
  • in a column in the post list. In that case, the checkbox will be in the Quick Edit panel;
  • alongside the post states in the post list (those grey labels for “Draft”, “Private”, etc. after the post title). No checkbox, in this case.

You can find more info about that, and some screenshots, in the documentation.

Plus: you can now become a patron of Duplicate Post

As you know, you can support Duplicate Post not just with your suggestions, or bug reports, or reviews, but also with donations.

In the last few weeks I’ve added some other ways to do that: you can now become a patron and pledge a monthly donation, as if you were buying me a cappuccino or a pizza.

Alongside the famous Patreon platform, there’s also the brand new GitHub Sponsors program: for the first year, GitHub will match your donations so they will be doubled.

Your support will help me to work on a new, even more useful Duplicate Post.