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This is a list of themes which I’ve tested or have been reported to be compatible with the latest version of Duplicate Post.

If a theme is missing from the list, it doesn’t mean it’s not compatible. Incompatibility can usually occur if the theme stores custom data in non-standard tables (which Duplicate Post can’t clone if not instructed on how to do that) or if it sets custom fields which shouldn’t be copied along with the original post/page. Themes doing neither of those will be probably compatible “out of the box” with Duplicate Post.

If you’re a theme author, feel free to write to get your theme included in the list, or to find out what’s need to make it compatible (hint: the Developer’s Guide is a good place to start).

  • Themify themes
    • Compatibility between Duplicate Post and Themify Builder (a core component of all their themes) is builtin in the code by Themify developers.