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To report an issue or ask for help:

  • post a new topic on the plugin’s Support Forum on WordPress.org: this is the preferred way, since very often users experiencing the same problem can share their informations and lead to a faster solution. I recommend to search in the forum before posting, chances are someone has already asked the same or a similar question;
  • write me an e-email using the contact form.

Before reporting an issue

Duplicate Post is a bit unlike other plugins: while many of them add their own features usually interacting only with WordPress core, lots of people use my plugin to clone items of custom types registered by themes or other plugins, or just posts and pages with attached some data stored in custom ways again by other themes or plugins.
While I try to make sure that every type of post using the standard WP tables is cloned correctly, I can’t know in advance when there is code written by others that creates a custom table, for example.

If you are going to report issues with my plugin, these are my suggestions:

    1. Make sure you have the latest version of Duplicate Post.
    2. If you don’t find the Clone or Copy to a new draft links for certain post types, there is a 99% chance that you have to go under SettingsDuplicate Post, tab Permissions, and enable the links for your post type.
    3. If links still don’t appear, or they don’t work as expected, feel free to write, but I need to know which plugin or theme has registered the custom post type you’re trying to clone. Writing “It doesn’t work with slides/portfolios/apples/oranges!” doesn’t tell much, because there are plenty of plugins around that add slides and portfolios etc.
    4. If you are reporting issues with a Premium theme or plugin, remember it’s very likely I don’t have a license for it so I can’t reproduce the bug; moreover, they usually have support included in the fee (while my work is donation-supported) and they know very well their own data structure (while I don’t). Chances are you’d have a better and fastest solution if you ask directly to the developers why there is a compatibility issue width Duplicate Post, or why there wasn’t before and there is now after a major upgrade of their code. Under “Other Notes” they can find documentation of two hooks they can use to add their code: in many cases they will have to add just a few lines to make everything run smoothly.
    5. Nonetheless, I am more than willing to co-operate with you or with the theme/plugin developers to solve any problem: it’s actually possible (as it has happened) that the problem is entirely my fault, so if plugin/theme developers point me out what’s wrong I will certainly work to fix it in the next versions.
    6. In any case, whether you are reporting compatibility issues or you have problems even with a vanilla installation of WordPress with no other plugins, I need to know the exact sequence of steps to reproduce the bug. If you tell me that in the first post/e-mail, you don’t have to wait for me to ask for it, and you’ll save time 🙂
    7. After a long time with no updates, now I’m trying to commit to Duplicate Post so you can be sure I’m here to keep the pace with WordPress versions, fix bugs, add new features, hear suggestions. I don’t have plans to switch to a premium scheme, but help me in my commitment by donating even a small sum if you find my plugin useful, or if my support has been helpful.

Thanks for every time you have downloaded my plugin, sent donations, written an email of appreciation or suggested new improvements.