Show original item

Since version 3.2.4 you have three options to show the original post/page for every copy you made. In two of these cases you can also delete the reference to the original post (for exampe if you edited the copy so much that it bears no similarities to the source).

The options must be activated in the Settings page of Duplicate Post, tab “Display”. They work only with the post types which are enabled in the “Permissions” tab.

In a metabox in the Edit screen

If you enable the first option, while editing a post/page in the Classic Editor you will find a metabox showing that you are editing a copy and which is the original.

If you can edit the original, the link will lead you to the editor for the original; if can’t, the link will be a “View” or a “Preview” link. If the post is totaly unaccessible to you, you’ll get only the original item’s title, without link.

The “Duplicate Post” metabox, while editing a copy in the Classic Editor interface

If you tick the checkbox and save the post, the reference to the original will be deleted and the post will not be viewed as a copy anymore.
Actually, the _dp_original custom field (described here) will be deleted.

In a column in the Post list

If you enable the second option, the Post list will show a column with a link to edit or view the original item. If the cell shows a “-“, the post is not a copy (or its _dp_original custom field has been deleted).

The “Original item” column in the post list

With this option enabled, the checkbot to delete the reference to the original will be shown in the Quick Edit panel.

The Quick Edit panel, showing the checkbox with the link to the original post

After the title in the Post list

The third options adds the original link after the title in the Post list, where the so-called “post states” are listed.

This option doesn’t give you any way to delete the reference to the original item.

The “Original:” label added to the so-called “post states” after the title in the Post list