What’s new in version 3.2.4

Last July I released version 3.2.3 of Duplicate Post, expressing hopes it would be the last one of the 3.* … Read more →

A screen capture of a table displaying 10 million downloads for Duplicate Post

3.2.3 + 10,000,000

Two very different numbers for two things happened in last few days. Version 3.2.3 is out On July 10 I’ve … Read more →

Duplicate Post is compatible with WordPress 5.0

Tomorrow, December 6th, WordPress 5.0 will be released, along with the new Gutenberg editor. The latest version of Duplicate Post … Read more →

GDPR (plus 7M downloads)

In the last few weeks a number of people have written in the forum or sent me a mail to … Read more →

Version 3.2.2 is out

A few months ago I released version 3.2.1 of Duplicate Post stating that it would be the final version of … Read more →

The end of an exciting year

The 6M downloads milestone, reached last night, marks the end of an exciting year for Duplicate Post. My best wishes … Read more →

Version 3.2.1 out now, celebrating 10 years of Duplicate Post!

A new version of Duplicate Post, tagged 3.2.1, has just been released, and soon you should see it as a … Read more →

Back home from WordCamp Milano 2017

Here are the slides I used to support my talk at WordCamp Milano 2017. I tried to give some hints … Read more →

Duplicate Post at WordCamp Milano

I’m glad to announce that my submission as a speaker at the upcoming WordCamp in Milan, Italy has been accepted: … Read more →

Duplicate Post is one of the top 12 free plugins for WordPress

Just a few days after passing 5 million downloads, Duplicate Post has reached the milestone of 2 million active installations, … Read more →